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New Products: Grasso RC6 Shaft Seal New  Bitzer Oil Pump/ Shaft Shaft New

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Salvin Industrial Engineers is established in the year of 1970 and since then we are into the field of manufacturing, supplying and service providers for Reciprocating / Refrigeration Compressor Spares.

At Salvin the spares are not only manufactured in form of final product but due precautions are also taken right from the initial stage of procuring the raw materials to the final stage, taking into consideration all the phases of it's technical acceptability, fitment, tolerance, heat treatment etc. All this is made possible at Salvin only because of acquiring special achievement by wide experience in the field of Maintenance Contracts which are already in existence by us.

Grasso is very vital part of refrigeration compressor. Grasso is divided into 6 series: Grasso 12E, Grasso 12, Grasso 10, Grasso 6, Grasso 5HP as open type compressors and the Grasso 7S/8S as semi-hermetic ammonia compressor. Sabroe monitoring and control solutions provide a significant boost to the ways that compressors of all types can be monitored, controlled and integrated into modern refrigeration installations. York Refrigeration offers the largest range of screw compressors in the world. York sets the standard for compressor quality. Compressors by  Bitzer International of Germany is renowned for their long life and high efficiency. Bitzer Compressors and parts are available worldwide. Ever since inception BITZER emphasis on a sound growing strategy and world wide expansion. Copeland Compressors and Condensers are for commercial refrigeration applications. Copeland Condensers provide premium performance in high, medium, and low temperature. Ingersoll-Rand Thermo Star Refrigeration Dryers are available in 16 model of  sizes to suit all applications. SALVIN has been providing Complete range of CARRIER compressor Mechanical Seals. Carrier is a specialist in heating, ventilating, air conditioning, HVAC systems and products. Kirloskar pneumatic offers refrigeration compressors. KC series reciprocating compressors are most suitable for industrial refrigeration and low temperature applications. Trane is Refrigeration compressors and air conditioning compressors which are designed specifically for air conditioning, heat pumping, and refrigeration. Voltas present you refrigeration compressor spare parts of Carrier Voltas. Voltas parts are engineered to perfection to cater to your spare parts need.
Products Range :
Grasso Sabroe York
Bitzer Accel Sabroe Copeland
I. R. Carrier Kirloskar
Trane Voltas    

New Products:

Grasso RC6 Shaft Seal New  Bitzer Oil Pump/ Shaft Shaft New  Gram HC75 / 100 / 125 New

MyCom Part New  Daikin Crankshaft 2C(58) LE New

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